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Projesium Blockchain Meet Up- 6

Speakers: Hüseyin Akarslan, Gökçe Phillips, İbrahim Kiçeci

Subjects: Blockchain Technologies and Cyber Crime, Token Economics

After two months of Summer break, Blockchain Meet-Ups organised monthly by Projesium resumed yesterday at CoZone, METU Teknokent.

Firstly, Hüseyin Akaraslan, Superintendent in General Directorate of Security Ankara, gave a presentation about "Blockchain Technologies and Cyber Crime". He started his presentation by defining different types of cyber crime, then gave examples as to how crypto currencies are utilised by criminals for different purposes: collect funds, transfer funds, keep funds, etc. He specifically discussed the relationship between crypto currencies and money laundering.

In the second part of the event, Gökçe Phillips, co-founder of Projesium and İbrahim Kiçeci, head of Marketing in Projesium, gave a presentation about Token Economics.

Gökçe Phillips defined how Tokenisation works, how why Tokenisation and Crypto currencies allow decentralisation of value creation. Her example on Garbage Collection compared the current state in Turkey, Switzerland and how it could be formulated with tokens. She also stated that it is important to realise that crypto assets are much more than trading instruments, and that we will soon start using different coins in different parts of our lives.

In the final part of her presentation,  she introduced the business model, ecosystem and the token economies of several coins, namely Singular, Ambrosus and Mithril.

İbrahim Kiçeci then presented Facebook's Libra coin, one of the most talked-about crypto coins in recent times, Chiliz coin which will operate in Sports sector and recently signed an MoU with Galatasaray, one of the top football clubs in Turkey.

To keep up with the news and progress in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, do not forget to follow us in Social Media and we hope to see you at our next Meet-up.

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