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Webinar- Cryptocurrency Projects and Token Economics

Gökçe Phillips, CEO and Co-founder of Projesium, presented a Webinar on Cryptocurrency Projects and Token Economics on 27th of November .

In her presentaiton, she discussed how data is/will be kept differently and thus, the information layer being built on top in new technological solutions will provide alternative economic networks.

She emphasised how tokenisation will change the unit of ownership and how this will affect our lives.

The Webinar also compared the traditional economy with the new economy networks and defined the role of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies in the newly defined economic models.

Gökçe Phillips also provided examples to Cryptocurrency projects, the business model and the ecosystem they promise to operate in.

The webinar attendees asked questions around the incentive mechanisms that these new digital currencies introduce as well as how token economics will affect local economies.

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