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Crypto Compare Digital Asset Summit

'Digital Asset Summit' was held on 12 June in London by CryptoCompare. 

At the summit,important researchers,consultants and investors in the cryptocurrency market such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Tom Lee, Meltem Demiros and Peter McCormack made their speeches.

Audiences show great interest and also Gokce Phillips,co-founder of Projesium,took her place among the audience.

In one of the panels held at the summit, the future of stable coins was discussed.In this speech,it was especially mentioned how the facebook's cryptocurrency which is called Global Coin will affect the cryptocurrency market.Also,It is stated that Global Coin buyers can buy and sell other crypto coins thanks to Facebook,Some of the speakers thought that Global Coin similar to Paypal and described it as payment system competition.Speakers also ephasized that Global Coin may give more power and control to facebook.Also this control is gathered in a single company may be a negative situation.

Andreas Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin,The Internet of Money,Mastering Ethereum, gave also a speech at the summit.In his speech,he especially mentioned the importance of digital currency for people who can not open bank accounts or countries which have high inflation.


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