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Subutai Cloud Computing Platform

Subutai War Party was held on December the 18th at METU Teknokent. Alex Karasulu who is the Co-Ceo and Founder of OptDyn introduced the Subutai CLoud Computing Platform and presented the participants how to use this software to have more computing power as well as how to earn money by lend their computing power to others.

Subutai is a P2P Cloud Computing Platform which allows users to create environments which may have different authorisations. 

Participants had a chance to download Subutai on their laptop and explored the opportunities. Alex interacted with each participant and answered their questions.

Through this mini workshop, participants have learned to use resources provided by friends and colleagues (as well as others who lend their hardware to the system) in order to build infrastructures one would not be able to run on one machine alone.

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