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Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018

This summit was held on between the 19-20 November in the information and communication technologies authority.The conference started with Dr.Gokce Phillips speech.She talked shortly about the purpose of summit.

Then,Omer Abdullah Karagozoglu who is head of the information and communication technologies authority and Abdulkadir Pay who is head of Department for Informatics made an opening speech

Speakers shared their valuable views with the participants during the summit.Also Participants have an opportunity to meet and talk with speakers from all over the world.In the summit,participants have a chance to listen different topics about the blockchain and cyrptocurrency such as using of Blockchain in Logistics & Supply sectors and health sectors or mathematical views in Blockchain

At the end of the day,Participants learned a lot of benefical information about the blockchain and its using in their daily life.

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İbrahim Kiçeci

İbrahim Kiçeci

İbrahim Kiçeci,


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