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EU Projects - Full Application

EU Projects foster collaboration, increase knowledge pool and promote advancements in technology and capacity to manage the technology. At Projesium, we follow EU Projects closely and get involved in relevant EU Projects as a partner, consultant or an active participant.

After a successful EU Project initial application, you will need to submit a Full Application in a limited amount of time.

Acceptance of your initial application means that the problem you propose to address has been found important, relevant and worthy to solve. The Full Application is where you will need to demonstrate that you, as an entity, has capacity to successfully plan, manage and implement the project you propose. As part of the project plan in the Full Application, you will need to pan out the following topics:

  • Description of the project
  • Sustainability of the project
  • Methodologies to be utilised in implementing your project
  • Work packages and Action Plan
  • Your/Co-applicants past projects
  • Budget items /justifications
  • Logical Framework Matrix

Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind is to be able to make all the information in the report linked and consistent. Among others, the following matters need to be given extra attention:

  • the activities listed in Logical Framework Matrix need to be linked to relevant outputs
  • Outputs need to be connected to relevant outcomes
  • Outcomes should be inline with your initial specific objectives
  • The methodologies mentioned need to be placed in the work packages
  • Examples to draft outputs need to be provided to give more insight about the results of given activities
  • Budget needs to match the initial figure and the cost of activities proposed

In Projesium, we have experts who have been heavily involved in the EU Project Applications and have the technical background and expertise to support your case.

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