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EU Project Application and Management

EU Projects foster collaboration, increase knowledge pool and promote advancements in technology and capacity to manage the technology. At Projesium, we follow EU Projects closely and get involved in relevant EU Projects as a partner, consultant or an active participant.

If you would like a strong partner beside you to apply to or implement an EU Project, why not check with us first.


Project Proposals

EU project proposals process requires a rigourous work in order to produce a consistent and complete application for a potential project.For the initial application, the evidence about the current state of the matter as well as the targets of the relevant bodies do matter significantly. 

Full Project Application

Full Project Application

After a successful initial proposal stage, knowing your project idea is relevant and important to EU authorities is an excellent start. Now you need to show that you have the capacity to plan, manage and implement your proposed project successfully.

Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers have managed numerious projects in Geneva, London, Dubai and Turkey in many sectors including software, logistics, shipping, financial services, entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Your projects will be in good hands in Projesium with best monitoring tools provided for you to keep track of the progress.

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